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Introducing our law firm
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Experience You Can Count On

Being charged with a crime is not something you can take lightly. You need a criminal defense attorney with experience, commitment, and integrity to help you navigate the process. Attorney Kim Van Dyke can help you achieve the best results for your unique circumstances.

Criminal Defense with Integrity, Commitment and Experience


A misdemeanor conviction can result in hefty fines, jail time, years of supervision, and a myriad of collateral consequences. An experienced lawyer can help you identify and avoid many of these pitfalls.


Felony convictions can result in prison sentences and sometimes stay on your record permanently. Thoughtful preparation of a defense from the outset is vital to the outcome of a case.


Driving under the influence is a common occurrence with uncommon consequences. You need an attorney to assist you with those consequences as early as the first 7 days after receiving the ticket.


Choose Your Defense Attorney Carefully

When it comes to finding the right person to defend you, there are a few things you cannot do without. You need an attorney with the experience to get the job done. You need someone who cares about you and your rights. Finally, you need someone who will communicate with you openly and honestly. You need an honest assessment from your attorney so you can make the right decisions at every stage of your criminal case.

Your Criminal Case Is A Serious Matter

Some cases involve the possibility of decades of prison time. Others invoke only fines. All of them are serious. Any involvement in state or federal courts carries potential consequences to your reputation and future. At Van Dyke Law, LLC, we take every case seriously. We appreciate the impact even a "small" case can have down the line.

Resolving Your Case

Many criminal cases are resolved without a jury trial. While that is a common outcome, it may not be the result that is right for you. When trial is necessary, Ms. Van Dyke's experience will be vital to your case. Years of trial experience in a wide range of criminal charges has given her a keen understanding of how to defend any case. Ms. Van Dyke is prepared to zealously advocate for you with a judge, jury, or prosecutor, no matter the circumstances.

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