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Can you have your record sealed?

On Behalf of | Jan 23, 2023 | Criminal Defense

A criminal record interferes with your ability to get a job, find housing and even volunteer in your community. You might wonder if there is an option for sealing your record to give you a chance to succeed. If you live in Colorado, you may have options to petition the court to seal your record. Once sealed, that information no longer appears on a background check.

There are certain circumstances that typically qualify for sealing.

Were you arrested but not charged?

If you get arrested for a crime but charges are never filed or the charges get dropped before you went to court, you can petition to have the arrest sealed.

Were you acquitted of the charges?

An acquittal means that the court did not find sufficient evidence for a guilty verdict. You may be able to have the records sealed after an acquittal in the case.

Did you agree to a deferred judgment?

When you agree to a deferred judgment, you must complete a series of requirements and may have a period of probation. Upon completion, the charges get dismissed. You can ask to seal those records afterward.

Have you received a pardon?

After a criminal conviction, a pardon overturns that conviction. When you receive a pardon, that gives you the opportunity to have the records associated with the conviction sealed.

These are just a few instances that are often eligible for sealing. Some other cases may qualify as well, particularly if there was no conviction. Having records sealed makes it easier for you to pursue employment and housing opportunities later.