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You Need An Attorney Now

If you or someone you know has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI), then Attorney Kim Van Dyke recommends finding representation immediately. Not only are there life-changing criminal consequences, but your license may be at risk based on your blood-alcohol results.

A DUI charge is one of the more common charges in the court system. As a result, many courts follow a process designed to expedite the case as quickly as possible. Without proper assessment of your case and representation in court, you may find yourself lost in deep water with a judge or prosecutor.

A DUI Conviction Will Change Your Life

You need an attorney to guide you throughout the DUI process, including a jury trial. Under the right circumstances, an attorney can also help you prepare for license renewal.

All of this is enough to dramatically change the life of the person who has been charged with a DUI. A few examples of areas of your life that can change if you’re charged with a DUI in Colorado, include:

  • Your ability to drive
  • Your ability to find certain kinds of employment
  • Your ability to vote in other states
  • Your ability to possess or consume alcohol

When you’re convicted of DUI, your ability to drive is dramatically impacted. Not only can it lead to the loss of your license, but you may also have to prove your sobriety before you can even start a car for a set period of time. Some employers won’t hire you if you have a felony DUI conviction, and some states have stipulations that make it difficult to vote if you’ve been convicted of DUI.

You need an attorney to be there with you throughout the DUI process because they will be able to guide you through it and, if need be, fight for you. Under the right circumstances, a lawyer can also work to help you get your license renewed.

You Have The Right To A Lawyer’s Help

Don’t let the DUI process sweep you away. Have an attorney there with you so you can know what your options are throughout the process. Attorney Kim Van Dyke will be honest with you about what your next steps should be and represent you with integrity. To speak to her, contact us today at 970-400-9977 or use our online contact form.

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