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Do Not Underestimate a Misdemeanor Charge

Most of us understand how serious a felony is. A felony is often associated with jail time, loss of rights, and probationary periods. As a result, it's easy to assume that a misdemeanor won't be as serious. The reality is that a misdemeanor should be taken just as seriously as a felony. While the punishments aren't usually as severe, they can be life-altering and sometimes result in jail time. When charged with a misdemeanor or dealing with the fallout of a conviction, it is important to have an attorney present throughout the process. At Van Dyke Law, we want to emphasize that just because a case does not include a felony charge, it does not mean that it will not seriously impact your life, possibly long-term. 

How A Misdemeanor Impacts Your Life

If you or someone you know is convicted of a misdemeanor, depending on the charge, it is possible that jail time will be involved - in some cases up to one year. Even if a probationary period is ordered, it could include an additional 60 days of jail time. This might even be in addition to hefty fines, drug testing, breathalyzers, community service, court-ordered classes, and more. We often associate misdemeanors with a loss of rights, and while most states don't take away any of your civil rights in response to a misdemeanor, it can still have a massive impact on your personal life. Many of the same employers who won’t hire someone convicted of a felony won’t hire someone convicted of a misdemeanor, either. With an attorney by your side throughout the process, you will be well-prepared to understand the dangers of a conviction, and how you might defend against it. Many clients charged with a misdemeanor go on to live very successful lives. Learn all of your options and be prepared by speaking with an attorney.

Discuss Your Case with a Lawyer

If you're facing a misdemeanor charge or have been previously convicted of one, and you want to speak to our lawyer, you can contact us at Van Dyke Law, LLC today by calling 970-628-1640 or using our online contact form.

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